Laburnum arch in Royden Park

Seasons of therapy

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One of my favourite places to walk on the Wirral is Royden Park.  In addition to the heathland and trees, there’s a hidden gem tucked away not far from the main car park; the walled garden.  I’ve been going in there every week since the end of last summer, watching the cycle of the seasons. […]


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One of the biggest things I’ve noticed that can catapult me into a place of feeling not OK about myself, is my internal dialogue – the chatter that goes on in my head at times.  Self-criticism is a real con, a mean trick which we can play on ourselves without really being aware of what […]


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One of the underlying principles of transactional analysis, is that we are all ‘OK’.  By this, we mean that everyone has value and worth;  I accept myself as me and I accept you as you.  Sometimes we might behave in ways which are unacceptable, but this does not mean that our existence does not have […]

Our personality

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Do you sometimes wonder why you behaved the way you did? Wonder why you said something you did? Feel like you’ve done something wrong, when actually, you’ve done nothing wrong at all? You might be surprised to learn that there’s more than just one of you inside there, running the show!  In fact, there are […]

Ten tips for an enjoyable summer holiday

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The school summer holidays are soon to be upon us!  Whether you’re with your children for part, or all of the holiday, there’s a big shift in pace away from the structure and routine of school life.  Freedom and possibilities are the flavour of the month.  There may be daydreams of blue skies and wide […]