Change the story of your life

A series of workshops for a more peaceful & fulfilling life


We are storytellers.  Our minds constantly create narratives about what we’re doing, what other people are doing, and what’s going on around us.  Yet most of the time, our stories are based on historical information, not what’s actually happening in the here and now.

Our senses are constantly bombarded by an overwhelming amount of stimuli.  In order to understand it all, our minds filter a great deal of information, causing us to experience only what we’ve come to expect and respond in ways we’ve learnt in the past.

Rather than living in the moment, we can feel like we’re going round in circles.  We make the same ‘mistakes’ over and over again; peacefulness evades us as we are caught up in unhelpful or limiting ways of being in the world.

In these workshops, we will:

– gain insight into our behaviour and relationships, building on our strengths and discovering how our lives are shaped by our stories

– develop awareness of where and how our stories limit us, or cause difficulty

– learn some simple tools for making long-lasting personal change.

Using concepts from Transactional Analysis, together with mindfulness, the workshops offer a combination of teaching, discussion and practical exercises designed to:

– understand ourselves

– gain insight into our relationships with others

– understand our motivations and fears

– develop compassion, acceptance and non-judgement

– feel more peaceful.