Why have therapy?

Often difficulties in life are rooted in our childhood. We bury trauma and difficult experiences in our psyches, keeping them outside of our awareness, because we didn’t have the resources to deal with the experience at the time.

These experiences may manifest later in life, showing themselves in various ways, such as:

• depression, sadness, grief or feelings of emptiness
• anxiety
• panic attacks
• problems with stress
• low self-esteem or lack of confidence
• addiction
• self-harm
• eating disorders
• severe mood swings
• relationship difficulties
• difficulty in coming to terms with losses, eg divorce, bereavement.

Therapy is an opportunity to work with someone who is trained to see a bigger picture in terms of psychological processes, and is able to facilitate and support you to find more appropriate ways to deal with difficulties, integrating any issues within your psyche and enabling you to move forward with greater freedom.

How I Work

Integrative psychotherapy

There are many different ways of working within psychotherapy and counselling, including person centred, psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), gestalt, transactional analysis and body work.  Integrative psychotherapy draws on theories from many different schools of thinking, in order to work creatively and flexibly with the needs of each individual client.

Current research shows that the therapeutic relationship is the most important factor for change.  Working in this way means that the therapeutic relationship is the vehicle for change; the unconscious processes of the client which emerge within the therapeutic relationship are worked with and through this awareness comes acceptance, and ultimately change.

I work with adults and children, on a wide range of difficulties, including self esteem issues, depression, anxiety, pregnancy & birth related issues, relationship difficulties and life transitions.

As a trained doula, I feel passionately about supporting women through the transition of pregnancy and birth into motherhood. I have experience of supporting women through pregnancy related difficulties, birth trauma and postnatal depression.

I am a member of the BACP and UKATA and adhere to their codes of ethics and professional conduct.

Initial appointment

The initial appointment gives you a chance to share what you’re looking for, and to see whether we would like to work together.  If you don’t feel you want to continue after the initial session, I will happily suggest other therapists whom you might like to work with.  Similarly, if I feel I don’t have the skills or experience to work with you, I may be able to suggest other therapists who would be more suitable.

Therapy room
Therapy room


Sessions between 8am and 5pm cost £45; sessions between 6pm and 9pm cost £50.  Each session lasts one hour.  Low-cost sessions are available for those on low income and are subject to availability.

I offer a 10% discount on block bookings of 6 sessions: £243 for 6 x daytime sessions, £270 for 6 x evening sessions.


Where I work

I work on the Wirral for face-to-face sessions and walk & talk therapy.  I also work online.

Please contact me to make an appointment.

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